Why Carlito Black Has Caught Our Attention

June 6, 2022 0

unnamed-12-400x500 Why Carlito Black Has Caught Our Attention

A self-made artist out of Miami named Carlito Black recently caught our attention. Already amassing a fanbase of 11,000 on Spotify alone, it feels like we are witnessing the beginning phase of a budding superstar.

‘I actually have talent, I am relatable, and I am truly self-made. I have no label, I have no major cosigns and no investors” is what he said when we caught up with him and asked why new listeners should give his music a chance.

My delivery is aggressive and unorthodox but authentic to the Florida flavor. What makes me different is the wordplay I put into that type of delivery style.”

Those same qualities are on full display in the song ‘No Pwess’ and the visuals for it.

This track is energetic, and catchy, and it’s full of clever lines. It’s easy to understand how it’s already surpassed 60,000 views in less than a month.

With each new release we expect to see his popularity and following grow, and we already know that’s the goal for him. 

Carlito Black as a person and an artist keeps it real and it makes his music all the more enjoyable to listen to.

You can follow along with Carlito Black and his upcoming new music with the links below. 


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