Will Luis Ger Ever Sing Hip Hop?

December 9, 2022 0

Artist Luis Ger (Luis Sanchez Navarro)is admired by fans of every music genre, from mariachi to pop, to hip hop. In the past few weeks, a number of hip hop fans brought the Mexican artist to our attention, so we had to highlight him.

His new EP “Quien te Viera” has been a total success in different Spanish and English speaking countries.

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Luis Ger

Luis Ger is not only a singer but also a music engineer, songwriter, and producer who plays piano and guitar.

“¡Quién te Viera!” Was co-produced with his mentor and Multi-Latin-Grammy nominated Marteen Andruet (Fobia, Gran Sur, Circo). Living in LA far away from his hometown, Mexico City, this EP is a homage to Luis Ger’s Mexican roots written and produced in isolation during the pandemic. Always searching for a touch of innovation in his productions, in this EP Luis Ger introduced cinematic elements like sound effects and timpani, accompanied by the traditional mariachi elements like the guitarrón, strings, trumpets, etc. The arrangement and musical direction was in charge of the renowned musician Javier Zavaleta who also played accordion with extreme sensibility and taste.

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Luis Ger

The first song, named with the same title as the EP, in an introspection of the artist towards a person that had it all and lost it. The heartbreaking performance reminds us of the passion of Juan Gabriel, mixed with the vocal technique of the mariachi legends such as Alejandro Fernández or Pepe Aguilar. Marteen’s creative vocal direction makes presence in the background vocals and harmonies, the cinematic feel of this production takes us to a theatrical and melodramatic scenery not lively, vivid and very relatable.

The second record, “Corazón que Miente”, defines the battle that every human being has between feelings and reason and the way the heart has of betraying us making us believe we want something or someone and when you finally acquire it or have them by your side it changes its mind. The mood that this song brings us too is a little lighter than “Quien te Viera”, the production is more traditional and the vocal performance more poppy, in general is a pleasing and dynamic musical stroll, with impeccable musicality and extremely aesthetic, honest and natural, just as its lyrics.

After listening to his new work, we are hoping for a collaboration between Luis Ger and a hip hop artist. Who do you think he should collaborate with? Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Drake? Let us know!


Photographer: Pablo Martínez

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