OfficialStormV doesn’t believe in comfort zones

April 19, 2022 0


Visionaries never look back or question their calling in life  

Understanding God’s plan for yourself is a lesson most people never fully comprehend. Living within your purpose requires an unconventional level of sacrifice, patience, adversity, and risk. Preparing yourself for failure and greatness simultaneously is toxic and inspirational.   

Consuming every aspect of fear and doubt enables a person to discover demons and purpose. Having the stomach to swallow hate, family drama, and loneliness breeds abnormal inner strength. Born visionaries embrace the unknown and challenge people to live life without limits.  

OfficialStormV relentlessly pursues the unthinkable in 2022  

OfficialStormV music career in 2022 illuminates her nonstop and unrivaled work ethic. OfficialStormV wakes up every day bearing the world’s weight on her shoulders. OfficialStormV stares into the mirror of manifestation and failure daily without blinking.   

Her music is a prophecy and blueprint for aspiring young hustlers and dream chasers worldwide. OfficialStormV music represents creative control, freedom, and the future of pop culture.  

OfficialStormV’s record label and management team Pretty Money Records, LLC, has her primed for global success in 2022.   

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