Meet Leo Lysius: The CEO and Founder Of Rising Media Brand, ‘MusicXclusives’

May 27, 2022 0

The Learning Never Stops

Leo-Leather-400x500 Meet Leo Lysius: The CEO and Founder Of Rising Media Brand, ‘MusicXclusives’

Photo Credit: @StefanBunBury

Written By: Tabitha C. Williams

Leo Lysius, a Brooklyn raised lover of music, has created MusicXclusives, LLC and ImagesbyLeo.  A full service platform to give talented unknowns of today a space to become your favorites of the future. At his Brooklyn location office, an artist can drop by for an interview, receive consultation, book studio or rehearsal time, or even possibly be a featured guest on their new podcast. In this article, Leo reflects upon his eye for emerging talent and his development plans to help  further an artists’ career. Having already worked with artists such as: 112, Foxy Brown, DreamDoll, Day26 and Ron Suno at the start of their careers. Leo Lysius, shares how he is always looking to develop the next star. 

MusicXclusives, LLC., the brain child of Leo Lysius, started 12 years ago with a MySpace Page.  His dream was to showcase his love of 90s R&B music, where he was captivated by everything from the sound, to the fashion, music videos and the personas. Leo cites Sean “Diddy” Combs as one of his role models, and he used the business acumen that Combs portrays to help him develop his own dream. Though the initial vision of MusicXclusives was to feature the 90s R&B artists such as Brandy, Mary J.Blige, Total, Faith Evans, and 112. Leo saw there was room to grow and he sought to connect with others who shared his love of music.  This prompted Leo to work in the music industry interning at various labels, becoming a songwriter, holding management positions and building his own industry relationships from the ground up.

Fast forward to 2022, Leo has, where he features both established and emerging talent in multiple genres of music: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Gospel, Reggae, Afrobeat and Latin. More than simply covering the artists, Leo has been present during some of the music industry’s “game changing” moments such as Beyonce’s release of her self-titled album, Beyonce. That moment in particular altered the ways in which albums and music was released. Leo says, “when Beyonce released the album on a Friday, albums no longer came out on Tuesdays…People began to follow suit by dropping surprise releases and that changed the industry’s format for holiday marketing and promotion…It also cut down on the chances of leaked albums.”

B734AD74-2D4D-4B71-B9F6-EEB9F50BCFBA-401x500 Meet Leo Lysius: The CEO and Founder Of Rising Media Brand, ‘MusicXclusives’

Photo Credit: @StefanBunBury

Unforgettable moments such as this, pushed Leo to further his pursuit of the next BIG STAR. When asked what he looks for in an artist Leo states,  “I want the young, fresh, hungry, new kid that’s coming up, you know, the one that wants to be molded and learn more.” Prior to heading MusicXclusives, Leo worked in NYC’s Department of Education. His desire to be surrounded by those who want to learn is deep-rooted. Education is two- fold and Leo has learned and gained a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to this industry, which he looks forward to sharing. Leo states that today, “labels and executives are looking for people who already have a namesake in the market, with numbers and all. They’re not pouring dollars into the artists…now it’s about being totally prepared, having sold so many records and having a certain amount of social media numbers.” Because Leo has experience in music management, Leo asks artists the tough questions, gauging their knowledge in financial literacy, performance rights organizations, media training, and legal representation. In addition to aiding an artist in developing “their look,” the images that set them apart from a saturated market. Leo says, “I’m in the music industry and working with artists on a one-on-one basis…getting to know them and finding what makes them happy, what makes them comfortable and partnering with different designers and stylists.”

With the worldwide devastation of COVID, both MusicXclusives and ImagesbyLeo have found ways to thrive since the pandemic. From finding various ways to evolve in a now virtual world, to resuming back to normalcy and interacting with people in person again. Last year, MusicXclusives launched their podcast where they tackle a variety of topics weekly.  This is only scratching the surface for Leo Lysius.

Once a semblance of life post-COVID, Leo Lysius looks forward to the opportunity and the reemergence of charitable events that MusicXclusives, LLC has held in the past. Recognizing the importance of giving back, Leo stresses that, “It’s important to stay humble and grounded. Don’t shy away from who you are as a person, live in your truth, be who you are and do good to others. And you know, the universe will return it to you.” 





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