PME “Protecting My Energy” – A Song That Will Be One of the Biggest of 2023

March 26, 2023 0

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Puerto Reefa’s upcoming single, PME “Protecting My Energy,” is a song that everyone needs to hear,being it is out now. The song is both powerful and catchy, and the lyrics are relatable to anyone who has ever struggled with negativity in their lives. PME is a song that speaks to the need to protect one’s energy from negative influences and to take back control of one’s life.

At a private listening party for Puerto Reefa‘s “Therapy EP,” many attendees believed that PME would be one of the biggest songs of 2023 from an indie artist. The song’s message is one that resonates with audiences, and Puerto Reefa’s delivery is both powerful and authentic. Tra Porter, the Co CEO of CVE The Label, believes that PME is 100% worth listening to and supporting, calling it a “big record.”

Overall, Puerto Reefa’s music speaks to his life experiences and his willingness to share those experiences with his audience. His upcoming EP and single are both worth a listen and are sure to resonate with anyone who has ever faced difficult times.

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