The Inspiring Journey of 22Tango

March 9, 2023 0

176F41BF-C3CA-471C-8FC1-FBF61DF1FAFC The Inspiring Journey of 22Tango

From a troubled childhood to a combat soldier to a successful salesperson, 22Tango has had a fascinating journey. But what truly sets him apart is his passion for music and his ability to move people with his lyrics. He has been writing poetry since he was a kid and fell in love with hip hop after hearing Snoop’s debut. Music became an outlet for him, a way to express his emotions and connect with others. He started impressing people with his raps and eventually realized that he could touch people’s hearts with his music.

What makes 22Tango different from other rappers is his honesty and authenticity. He doesn’t rap about things he doesn’t have or experiences he hasn’t had. He writes from his own experiences and emotions, and that makes his music relatable and powerful. He doesn’t write lyrics to a beat, he writes them like he’s still that 3rd grader writing poetry. And he believes that his emotions should guide his music, not the other way around.

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Despite the challenges he’s faced in his life, 22Tango has never given up on his dreams. He’s always worked hard, whether it’s in sales or in music. He’s a gifted lyricist and has a high work ethic. He rehearses like it’s game time so that when it is game time, it’s just practice. He’s also empathetic and can relate to people, a skill that came in handy in sales and in music.

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