Breaking news: FAYRO’s video “Hickory Dickory” becomes a viral sensation on Worldstar!

November 10, 2023 0

Hickory-Dickory-500x272 Breaking news: FAYRO’s video "Hickory Dickory" becomes a viral sensation on Worldstar!

Fayro, the exceptionally talented music artist from Memphis, TN, is making waves with his latest music video, “Hickory Dickory,” produced by Cymphani Cyrine. This captivating and humorous video has gained significant attention, particularly on the influential platform Worldstar recieving over a half a million views while also achieving remarkable success on the DRT charts. Additionally, “Hickory Dickory” has been receiving substantial airplay on radio stations in Memphis and Mississippi.

In “Hickory Dickory,” Fayro takes viewers on a comedic journey into the world of adult entertainment, portraying various characters with his unique and entertaining storytelling approach. The video showcases Fayro’s versatility as he embodies different escorts, such as pizza delivery men, plumbers, and yoga instructors, catering to the desires of a lonely housewife. The engaging storyline revolves around the housewife’s quest for excitement and connection in the absence of her husband.

The release of “Hickory Dickory” on Worldstar has garnered immense recognition and praise. The video has garnered over 700k+ plays on the platform, a testament to its widespread appeal and Fayro’s growing fanbase. Furthermore, the song has achieved notable success on the DRT charts, charting in the top 150. This achievement solidifies Fayro’s position as an emerging force in the music industry and highlights his ability to captivate audiences with his unique style and storytelling.

Hickory-Dickory-2-500x483 Breaking news: FAYRO’s video "Hickory Dickory" becomes a viral sensation on Worldstar!

In addition to its digital success, “Hickory Dickory” has been making waves on the airwaves of Memphis and Mississippi. Local radio stations have embraced the infectious energy and clever wordplay of Fayro’s song, resulting in significant airplay and a growing buzz among listeners. This regional support adds another layer of excitement and validation to Fayro’s rising career.

“Hickory Dickory” is the second single from Fayro’s highly anticipated album, “Weight On It,” set to be released in the spring of 2024. Fans can look forward to a remarkable collection of tracks that showcase Fayro’s evolution as an artist while pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional music.

Fayro’s success with “Hickory Dickory” on Worldstar, the DRT charts, and the airwaves of Memphis and Mississippi underscores his creativity, dedication, and ability to resonate with audiences. The video’s blend of humor, sensuality, and a touch of nostalgia offers a modern twist to the concept of “sneaky links” and provides an unforgettable visual experience.

Hickory-Dickory-1-500x500 Breaking news: FAYRO’s video "Hickory Dickory" becomes a viral sensation on Worldstar!

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About Fayro:

Fayro is an immensely talented music artist based in Memphis, TN, known for his exceptional ability to create music that resonates with audiences. His distinct style and captivating performances have garnered him a dedicated fanbase and recognition within the industry. “Hickory Dickory” is a testament to his evolving artistry and his commitment to pushing boundaries.

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