Cirok Starr Representing For Southeast Asians In Hiphop Community

February 8, 2023 0

HHS1987_-_Cirok_Starr-400x500 Cirok Starr Representing For Southeast Asians In Hiphop Community

With the popularity of Asian music artists rising across the charts, global audiences are taking note to appreciate those artists that are based locally in the US. More commonly Asians are seen as the minority growing up influenced by Western music. Asian music artists are now making a difference in Asian culture becoming more popular with audiences across the globe. With a common love for music and entertainment, Asians still long for representation within the US Western-style music industry.

Connecting people across the world through various social media outlets has now allowed people to be exposed to artists who look like them. These artists represent Asians on stages across the country making major influences on our culture. One of those people is none other than Cirok Starr of HMG (Hustle Motivate Grind) who works endlessly to reach the people of our Asian culture with positive influences and motivations.

Cirok Starr is a multi-talented inspirational person who is consistently working on ways to expose the culture to the young minds of our Asian community who can bond with the older generation with a common interest in music and fashion. With his team of artists, they tour the temple scene and perform their music for the crowds during the summer festivals. These crowds are full of people of all cultures and all ages who enjoy the music and fun that they bring with them at every performance.

With over 105,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 followers on Facebook he is definitely an influential person in the community. He is the CEO of Sevin Apparel which has over 12,500 followers on Instagram where his company sells Asian-inspired hip-hop streetwear and accessories. You can also find his company selling apparel at temple festivals across the country in different states throughout the summer. His company usually announces the schedule for pop-up shops for summer during spring. Cirok is also a custom jeweler who provides services in getting the popular custom diamond and gold grillz popularized by the Western Hip Hop music scene.  In addition to these companies, he also creates music with his team of artists with Hip Hop influences and Asian street culture he is a fusion of talent we all longed for when looking for representation in the music industry.

With so many followers watching him he doesn’t stop motivating people with positivity and messages of never giving up. Cirok is known to respond to his followers with many reaching out for advice to join the industry or positive motivation. He is a mentor to many who want to enter the industry as we watched him go from a regular guy working a 9-5 job to living his dream of being an inspiration to those who want to venture out into the business of a successful entrepreneur or musical artist. 

He has been known to teach others that with success comes sacrifice and failures but he reminds us all that we must continue to keep our Hustle, Motivate each other and never stop our Grind.

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