Fayro, From Hidden Gem to Diamond in Independent Music

March 3, 2023 0

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From Memphis, TN If different is your flavor, Fayro is the artist who should be on your radar for Next Up to Blow. From his creative metaphors, poppy sound and reggae flavor nothing is missed when it comes to this artist. Fayro is definitely riding the independent wave well as he is CEO of his own Independent Label Arcelio Productions the artist decided to sign himself and it’s looking great. The artist is hard at work in not only Music but movies as well as he was seen in Tubi Original Film “Immortal City Records” starring Ronreaco Lee, D. Woods and Mea Wilkerson.

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Coming in to 2023 the artist announced his 10th album release “Another Christmas” right behind his 9th release “Year 422. He’s been nominated for numerous Artist of the Year Awards as well as this years nomination at the SEA Awards, but that’s not all for the artist. Recently announce Fayro will be releasing his 11th album titled “My Homage” exclusively to his Official Website.

Avoiding all the indie competition and local beefs in many cities Fayro chooses to focus on building himself as a brand that separated him from all while paying respect to those who have inspired him. This Artist can’t be stopped and is not afraid to go toe to toe with the greatest.

Learn more about him – fayromusic.com

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