Get To Know MightyLee

June 6, 2023 0

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Delvin “Lee” Harris stage name MightyLee is an artist born in New Orleans raised in Baton Rouge due the devastating historical hurricane Katrina. MightyLee is also the younger brother of deceased New Orleans Hip Hop Icon Derrick “Lil Derrick” Williams who was an original member of the group the world know as the Cash Money “Hot Boyz” and they both are also the nephews of CEOs of Cash Money Records Bryan “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams. MightyLee has been taking an independent route in music creating his own label “No Big Dog No Rap Daddy LLC” MightyLee is making sure Lil Derrick’s star does not burn out any time soon. He is working tirelessly to keep his brother’s name alive by putting out quality music consistently, interviews & the latest body of work a book published by his label written by his Mother titled “Mother Of A Stunna” (which can be found on Amazon & Kindle). MightyLee routinely drops bodies of work that are both memorable and timely All while running a clothing store “Vantage Point”. His recent video “Hug The Block” is a clear depiction of how his music can emulate real experiences of life as an young upcoming southern mogul.

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