Lil Shank’s Album “Still Relevant” Sets Memphis Ablaze with Southern Hip-Hop Inferno

July 3, 2023 0

tunecore-photo-500x500 Lil Shank's Album "Still Relevant" Sets Memphis Ablaze with Southern Hip-Hop Inferno

Dispatch, BBQ! Memphis is seeing a new fire stoked by Lil Shank’s blistering hot record, “Still Relevant.” Lil Shank is lighting up the music landscape and leaving fans needing more with a blend of Southern Hip-Hop and a sprinkle of hilarious genius inspired by the cult classic movie “Don’t Be A Menace.”

Lil Shank, whose love for music grew at the ripe age of 12, finally let the world see his ferocious devotion. More than merely an album, “Still Relevant” is evidence of how music can unite individuals from different backgrounds. Lil Shank wants you to know that his rhythms have the power to transform you, whether you’re an expert in BBQ or a devoted follower of Elvis.

Lil Shank’s “Still Relevant” creation was not a routine task. He thoughtfully infused each track with his life experiences and ideas, adding a delectable blend of relatability and sincerity. Lil Shank hopes to inspire millions through his skill with words and serve as a reminder to everyone that life is a journey worth singing about.

At the tender age of 10, Lil Shank, also known as Ronreco Smith, discovered his rap skill in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. It all began with a rap Lil Shank wrote for a school talent event called “Drop Dead To Your Knees,” which demonstrated his lack of fear when it came to dropping rhymes or, for that matter, knees. Along with Debright “Lil Chrome” Parnell, Lil Shank founded the powerful group “Baby Gangstas” under the tutelage of his instructor, Rapper, So Serious the Warrior.

Lil Shank and Lil Chrome would sit down and craft some of their most famous raps in between stints at Folk’s Folly. In August 2000, “Better Days,” a notable tune from the Lootchasers Records album “Lootchasers A Million Ain’t Enough,” went viral. The following May, their debut album, “Shank & Chrome Daily Living,” was released, creating quite a commotion and solidifying their place in the local music scene.

More than just the name of an album, “Still Relevant” is an open invitation to discover Lil Shank’s exceptional ability and spellbinding storytelling. So grab your headphones and get ready for an exciting adventure into the Southern Hip-Hop universe. As you listen to the album on Spotify, you won’t be able to help but bop your head and light your speakers on fire.

The ultimate Southern Hip-Hop wildfire, “Still Relevant” by Lil Shank, is prepared to wreak musical havoc in its wake. Lil Shank is poised to ignite Memphis with his unmatched talent and hilarious flare, so get ready, Memphis. Prepare to experience “Still Relevant”‘s heat and embrace its fire as Lil Shank takes you on a wild journey through his vivacious musical world. It’s time to turn the music up loud and let the Southern Hip-Hop fires blaze!

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