Marc “Mayjah” Payne “Down for the Cause,” (Official Video)

March 13, 2023 0

Marc “Mayjah” Payne is a talented entertainer from Los Angeles, California. He is known for his dynamic performances that combine music, dance, and other elements of entertainment to create a memorable experience for his audiences.

Internationally acclaimed entertainer Marc “Mayjah” Payne is a Los Angeles born and based artist who creates timeless media for the culture that range from literature to lyrics, books to beats. His newest hip-hop single and its accompanying video, “Down for the Cause,” inspired by his love of the Dominican Republic, just hit the scene and like most of what he writes in his manuscripts and music, reflects life as it is, as well as how it should be.

Entering the hip-hop industry by making beats and writing songs following his exit from high school varsity sports, Payne became a versatile artist by simultaneously traveling the globe and remaining true to the streets, his first true classroom. He shares his perspective and experiences in a creative and ultra relatable way, which is why he has topped the charts in the U.S. and UK numerous times and will likely achieve that and beyond with this single.

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After spending eight days in the Puerto Plata area of the Dominican Republic, a region him and his friends frequent, Payne produced the “Down for the Cause” music video, directed by Claudie Jones (@youknowclaudie), featuring some of his LA comrades, and many of the DR locals that he has come to know, trust, and love. True to his modus operandi, he emphasizes topics that are near to people’s hearts and that humanity thinks about and faces every day. The music video can be viewed on his @MayjahPayne Instagram page and many of his other works, including his books Two Homes, One Love and Pyramids Under The Sun can be seen, heard and bought across all social media platforms, on, and

Mayjah Payne is a continuous supporter of local businesses and currently partners with ‘West Coast Wingz n Sliderz’ (@wc_wingznsliderz). They can be found online at and visited in the Baldwin Hills Plaza Crenshaw Mall on MLK Blvd in Los Angeles, California. “Down for the Cause” derives from his project “No Payne No Gain” which charted #5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts on February 4, 2022. The record is produced by 2 Tall (@iam2tall) and mixed and mastered by Quickology (@firasquick).

Listen to the instrumental genius of Mayjah Payne at and keep in touch with the artist at @mayjahpayne. If you want Mayjah Payne to produce a beat for you, reach out to him on IG or contact him through

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