Mike Wilder and Jake Bass share new collaborative album ‘D.E.A.P.’

March 18, 2023 0

image1-1 Mike Wilder and Jake Bass share new collaborative album 'D.E.A.P.'


Detroit artists Mike Wilder and Jake Bass have shared an infectious collaborative album called D.E.A.P., which stands for Detroit Emcees and Producers. Featuring legendary names like Lars, Nolan the Ninja, and more, the album showcases various dynamic sounds coming out of the Detroit area, and makes for a captivating listen overall. This is a record built for various audiences within hip-hop, as it tackles a diverse range of sounds from trap to lyrical rap, all tinged with the sound and character of Detroit. 

The album contains a sleek, stylish sound that provides an apt backdrop for the rappers’ powerful, sharp flows and well-crafted lyricism. With an expert selection of cast members, Bass executes a strong offering here that will certainly resonate with fans of Motor City music. Songs like “Pray For Me” and “Allure” bring in glowing atmospherics effectively, pairing them with smooth flows, whereas “Roll Witta Clique” and “Who’s Who” bring in hard-hitting, edgy sonics that show the project’s overall dynamics. 

A sonic and lyrical tour-de-force, D.E.A.P. makes a statement for Detroit with its array of strong collaborators. D.E.A.P. is the latest offering from Mike Wilder and Jake Bass. Wilder, who executive produced this album alongside Jake Bass, originally got his start in the industry by co-producing Eminem’s debut album Infinite in 1996. He also co-founded the prolific music company NUKID, LLC alongside Marky Bass. Be sure to check out D.E.A.P. below and further familiarize yourself with some of Detroit’s most talented rappers and producers. 


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