Mikey Polo Releases “Anarchy” Album

November 8, 2023 0

artworks-35e8a0a5-7dee-4449-a4b4-141bfba6c7d0-0-t500x500 Mikey Polo Releases "Anarchy" Album

After a Trippie Redd co-sign shot him into the public eye, Mikey Polo kept all eyes and ears on him with his music. The DMV-based trap artist has released Anarchy+++, a testament to his journey through the highs and lows and his evolution as an artist. The album kicks off with a raw introspection into Mikey’s hustle and the unique sound he’s created in the “Emo Trap” landscape. The pace changes with “Fast Life” which has a softer, more nostalgic sound.  As the album progresses the soundscape darkens with melodic trap taking a harsher turn and synths growing more aggressive. The final track  “Dark Rage Fantasy+++” brings us back to the album’s core theme of anarchy. Anarchy+++ is rage music embodying the raw and unfiltered world of Mikey Polo.


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