Misty Blanco’s talk show “Music Saved My Life” 2024

September 14, 2023 0

img1-2 Misty Blanco’s talk show “Music Saved My Life” 2024

Misty Blanco’s talk show “Music Saved My Life” is back for 2024 this time with a new edition to the show. In this season Misty Blanco has added “Music Saved My Life Dancers”, which gives Misty Blanco new show a nostalgic vibe of a new modern day “Soultrain”, which will not only give musical artists a platform yet also dancers who are looking for a platform to break their craft.

One of Misty Blanco’s featured dancers is “Dream Walker” from Torrance California who specializes in dance such as, Hip Hop, Spanish, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Break Dancing, Ballroom dancing, and African Dance. “Dream Walker”, has been featured on many stages in his career and he’s known to bring any stage he steps on ablaze.

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“Music Saved My Life”, is a new talk show series created by Grammy Nominated Billboard Artist “Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar”, aka Mysterious from MTV’S hit reality show “Making the Band 2 with P-Diddy”. This talk show is about established and upcoming artist and their life experiences on how music saved their lives.

“Music Saved My Life”, is filmed in front of a live studio audience as she interviews some of the most promising talented artist of this era. Each interview is followed up with a live performance from each artist debuting their new hit singles.

This new talk show series “Music Saved My Life”, is designed to show you why these artist never gave up on their craft and art, even when their friends and family may have told them otherwise.

On this talk show we will meet the artist on a deeper level exploring their lives and success stories on Misty Blanco’s talk show “Music Saved My Life”. Misty Blanco’s hit talk show “Music Saved My Life” is set to hit the big screen 2024 with a new season that’s bigger and greater than the last, as Misty Blanco will be introducing some of the worlds most talented acts in this music business today.

“Music Saved My Life” is set to be aired in 2024 please pay attention to your local stations for airing dates and times. We look forward to this new talk show edition called “Music Saved My Life” created and hosted by theatrical artist “Misty Blanco”.

Dream Walker Instagram IG: @dreamwalker_puredancer

Misty Blanco Instagram IG: @mysterious_mistyblanco


img2 Misty Blanco’s talk show “Music Saved My Life” 2024


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