Pacman Da Gunman Drops “Since You Left”

April 28, 2023 0

unnamed-82-500x500 Pacman Da Gunman Drops "Since You Left"

Pacman Da Gunman has a lot to say since you left. The “you” in this instance is all his fallen friends. He wrote a four page letter and turned it in song to let them know what has transpired since their departures from this earth. This sentimental song features Don Bonelli and speaks on the deaths of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and his late friend/mentor Nipsey Hussle. Pacman sings “I’ve been trying to catch a vibe ever since you left, analyze how I slide ever since you left” on the hook, bringing you inside his current mental state. Since many of his friends have left the physical world, Pacman has attained a great deal of career success which can create a conundrum, not being able to share his success with his late brothers.

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