Peruvian-American singer Rael Diaz is taking on people with his personal, deep and rejuvenating music

May 23, 2023 0

With his music being shared worldwide, Rael Diaz has collaborated with producers across the globe including in Argentina, Germany and Colombia.

usic tends to transcend all boundaries, irrespective of the country it is from, the language it is in or the genre it is of, music pleases all and touches hearts crossing all barriers. There are numerous artists, singers and songwriters in the music industry. While all have great talent, only a few get recognised for their work and talent.

There are a lot of people who love music in a specific language but the fan following of music from around the world is increasingly growing irrespective of the language barriers. Music is finally being recognised for what it is, which is good music.

One of such artists breaking language barriers is Peruvian-American singer and songwriter Rael Diaz.

29-year-old Rael Diaz is an extremely talented artist, singer and songwriter who sings in Spanish.

With many of his friends in the music industry, telling him that he should enter the industry, Rael Diaz waited until he felt it was the right time for him to do it.

Finally, Rael Diaz began his journey into the world of music after taking voice lessons from a top vocal coach in Los Angeles, Shannon Moses, in 2018 and started to release his own music in 2021.

All of his songs come from within and are personal to him. Rael Diaz released his album “Bailando con el corazón roto” which means dancing with a broken heart. The album is extremely fun and has dancing beats to it for people to enjoy but it comes with a twist, which is that the lyrics are about lost love, infidelity, and the healing of a broken heart.

With his music being shared worldwide, Rael Diaz has collaborated with producers across the globe including in Argentina, Germany and Colombia.

Rael Diaz has a great following across the world. He owns and runs two TikTok and Instagram accounts with an accumulative following of 2.3 million followers. He has collaborated with many independent and signed artists worldwide who have shared their music in video form while adding Spanish lyrics.

Planning to continue to make more music for everyone to listen to and feel, Rael Diaz will be on the road to breaking the language barriers through his music.

On June 26, 2022, Rael Diaz released a new song called “Amor Tóxico” which means toxic love. The story behind this song is a real one and the song is based on a real and grieving letter written and published by Rael’s ex-girlfriend on a popular blog. The letter was written by his ex-girlfriend who was grieving the breakup, remembering the good and the bad in their relationship and remembering that she will get through it.

Rael Diaz continues to be successful and with his followers loving his music, he plans to release more albums in the coming time.

With his goal to make more music, Rael Diaz plans to connect with as many people as possible from around the world. He wishes to collaborate with many other music artists and perform at stages like Coachella and Vibra Urbana.

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