Popular pop singer Dea blends excellent music innovation with passion.

August 23, 2023 0

IMG_2571 Popular pop singer Dea blends excellent music innovation with passion.

The much-talked-about singer, TV host and model has enchanted audiences with her songs, which are melodious and have become a part of several music lovers’ favorite music lists.

No matter how much we ever speak about a few people walking their way to the top, especially from the younger brigade, the more we feel the need to discuss them, their stories and their journeys to let the world know their genius. It is necessary to put more light on the journeys of the several young girls and women who today have broken the glass ceilings and questioned the norms set by others to create a special place for them in their respective sectors.

Dea, a phenomenal pop singer from Russia who has spellbound music lovers with each of her songs, serves as one of the finest examples of one such young and vibrant girl. She has emerged as a star in the industry with her unique music talent that has already garnered headlines and turned tons of heads worldwide.

The 1997-born from Moscow has always thrived off of her immense love and passion for music, which was evident from her childhood. Learning from the Tchaikovsky Music School, she strengthened her craft as a music artist and has never looked back since then.

Be it her first single, “Don’t fly away!,” her solo album, “Parallels,” with songs written over four years of her creative career, her presence on some of the most happening music festivals, her popular tracks playing on top radio stations or her rising presence on YouTube and her getting acknowledged for her work through a prestigious award, everything has always oozed her love for music and her quest to keep giving her best, no matter what.

Dea mentions how the desire to be modern and preserve their individuality comes as a considerable challenge for artists. However, she has always focused on staying consistent with her hard work and giving it her all to achieve her desired success.

Her new clips are gaining excellent views on YouTube, including “Made in China,” which has accumulated over 3 million views in just a month. These are also broadcasted on the highest-rated music TV channels like MUZ-TV, ZHARA TV, Music Box Russia, Music Box Gold, etc. 

Dea today stands tall as a young popular Russian singer with a voice that can echo into people’s hearts for the longest time. Her hunger to keep giving her best with each song and always come up with something new and exciting, her creativity with not focusing on a specific style, has helped her reach excellent success levels in the industry.

She (@dea_singer_official) also mentions that she loves to experiment and is now looking forward to releasing her new album, organizing a massive concert tour and storming the top of the charts with new hits.

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