RAP SH!T Adds Pivotal New Song Performed by Shawna and Mia to Season 2 Soundtrack

December 16, 2023 0

unnamed-1-4-500x500 RAP SH!T Adds Pivotal New Song Performed by Shawna and Mia to Season 2 Soundtrack

With each uproarious episode, RAP SH!T explores the day-to-day life of a rising rap star, documenting highs and lows and examining the modern music industry through a critical lens. Today, Raedio, the company behind the acclaimed RAP SH!T: The Mixtape (Soundtrack from the Max Original Series, S2), officially releases “BBW,” and written by WRITERS, a pivotal new song from the series, performed in character by Aida Osman and KaMillion as Shawna & Mia.  Written by hit songwriter Pardison Fontaine and produced by DJ SwanQo and Galixee, “BBW” is an empowering anthem that redefines the acronym to “bad b*tch working,” taking shots at broke boys and touting the insane work ethic it takes to succeed in the rap game. The song plays a pivotal role in the series’ second season, as Shawna and Mia continue on the rocky road to stardom. “BBW” appears on the brand new “Bonus Edition” of RAP SH!T: The Mixtape (Soundtrack from the Max Original Series, S2)available everywhere via Raedio/Def Jam Recordings.

The RAP SH!T mixtape is a showcase for the breadth and diversity of talented women taking over the rap game in 2023. Compiled and released by Raedio, the “audio everywhere” company, the mixtape combines original music created for the series and performed by lead characters Shawna & Mia with brand new songs from some of the hottest and most original rappers around. Recently released singles include “No Panties,” a gleefully raunchy banger by Sexyy Red, and “He Can’t Reach,” a stuff-strutting cross-regional collab between NYC’s Maiya The Don and Dallas’s Enchanting. Overall, the album has a brash, party-positive atmosphere, with songs that take inspiration from many styles, with a particular emphasis on the sounds of Miami, where the show takes place.

Raedio is committed to propelling the most culturally relevant series and projects and spotlighting not only emerging artists, but the contributors behind the scenes that make these amazing songs possible. The RAP SH!T Season 2 mixtape originated at Raedio’s popular writing camp series Camp Raedio at Noise Nest studios in Los Angeles, which brought in writers and producers from across the rap map to collaborate in unique combinations and let their creative juices flow. For the mixtape artwork, Raedio paid tribute to the classic cover of Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest, one of the few covers in history that highlights the creatives making magic behind the scenes. Raedio highlights the unique camp in a series of mini-docs, out now on Raedio’s YouTube channel, released as a companion to RAP SH!T Season 2 and its soundtrack.

Through the story of Shawna and Mia, RAP SH!T Season 2 explores the delicate balancing act that female rappers face: how can they achieve their commercial goals while still maintaining authenticity and continuing to have fun? The Season 2 Mixtape is full of songs by artists who are figuring out their own answers to that key question, as they mold the industry in their own image.

RAP SH!T premieres new episodes every Thursday, only on Max. Catch the season finale on December 21st.

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