Ras Kass And M.O.P Link In Animated ‘How The Block Sound’ Music Video

May 13, 2023 0

0-9 Ras Kass And M.O.P Link In Animated 'How The Block Sound' Music Video

Producer Amaeus360 released his sprawling Boom Bap opus The MPC Jedi via Soulspazm today (5/12/2023). The headbanging Ras Kass and M.O.P-anchored album opener “How The Block Sound” received an animated visual treatment by Carlito Way (who also illustrated characters for Adult Swim’s hit TV show The Boondocks). The final product can be seen in the song’s official music video, shared this morning via the self-proclaimed Beat King’s YouTube channel.

Inspired by Pete Rock‘s PeteStrumentals, and DJ Premier‘s New York Reality Check 101The MPC Jedi features a cross-generational lineup of spitters across the album’s 18 tracks, including newcomers Lil Dee and Nems, as well as legends such as Masta AceSticky FingazKeith Murray, among others. The album follows Amadeus360’s 2020 collaborative album with Ruste Juxx James Brown of tha Underground, and his 2021 full-length collaboration with Termanology 360.

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