REAPER7MAN Remixes song by ICP’s signed artist Ouija Macc

December 3, 2023 0

IMG_1383 REAPER7MAN Remixes song by ICP's signed artist Ouija Macc

South Nashville rapper, REAPER7MAN, remixes the song “17 Blunts” by Ouija Macc and it’s an absolute banger! Ouija Macc is a music artist that is signed by the infamous Insane Clown Posse. From the very initial of the remix, REAPER7MAN name drops the saying by the excentrically popular rap group, Three 6 Mafia, “It’s a Tennessee thing”. The unpredictable flow and the explicit spoken lyrics of REAPER7MAN’s remix has us on our seats wondering what is going to be spoken next. In one line of lyrics he says “I’m not your doobie”. We can’t help but wonder, is that a reference to the Ohioan rapper Doobie?

REAPER7MAN has a unique style of rapping and we will definitely be seeing more of this underground rockstar/rapper.

His latest album, Hard Times, is a feel of experimental rap and includes the song “Rollout Mission”.

Check out REAPER7MAN to form your own opinion of the hard spoken Tennessee rapper.

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