Suge’s Sitdown: FLYBOI RELL

February 4, 2023 0

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Suge: So we bout to kick this off, first Thank you for sitting down with me, go ahead and let the readers know who you are?

FLYBOIRELL: Hello everyone, my name is Flyboi Rell thank you to Suge and the whole Hiphop Since 1987 family for allowing me to tell my story.

S: Welcome bro honor to sit with you, so where does the name FlyBoiRell come from?

FBR: The name Flyboi Rell came from college. I was always told that I had very dope outfits and got the nickname “flyboi” from several people. My orginal name was going to be nomad but I felt Flyboi Rell was more fitting for who I was.

S: So you’re originally from Raleigh, NC right? But you later moved to Brooklyn?

FBR: Yea man i am orginally from Raleigh, NC and have been here basically my whole life. It been about two years since i have moved from North Carolina to Brooklyn. Man it was such a huge culture shock i am happy i made this move. I moved in July of 2021 and just needed a change of scenery. The area i was located in before was not fufilling and i was not able to grow my career there so i thought it was best for me to move on. I had some great times in that place but to move my career forward i had to take a chance.

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S: Well I applaud you for taking a risk for your dreams. so, what are some of the difference that comes from living in the north as a southerner?

FBR: Some differences i have seen are how people speak to one another. People in New York are much more direct and everyone is moving at a much faster pace compared to those in the South. In the North you have access to public transit and easy acsess to food, shops, parks and other things like that. There is not much access to these things in South without having a vehicle.

S: I can dig it, as a southerner myself just visiting up to NY it’s sometimes a jolting experience for me. So let’s talk music, what got you started in music? We know you grew up in a single parent household and your mom worked hard to provide, was that a large part of your gravitation towards music and the music business?

FBR: I  was inspired to rap at the age of 16 after performing a series of written poems for  school. After free styling with other friends and a local rapper, I was encouraged to take music seriously and eventually transitioning into making music in 2016 in college. Yea man helping my mom build a better life for myself and my family was a large part of why i gravitated towards the music business. I really see myself being a mogul in this business with the people i started n0mads with .

S: Definitely an honorable reason. So, you after high school and that experience of everyone enjoying your poetry, you transitioned into actual music making in college and formed “n0mads” tell us how that came about and what exactly “n0mads” is.

FBR: The nomads started after a group that I was apart of in college fell apart and I gathered the few artists and other creatives from that group that i thought would fit the vision i wanted to accopmlish and we informally formed the group n0mads. At first n0mads was just a group of artists and creatives just trying to understand the music industry,but once we started to understand the business more our goal now is to create the next generation of informed creatives that are able to navigate the lucrative entertainment industry.

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S: I like that, a group of like minded creatives with a common goal and clear mission plan, that’s a blessing most artists never get, Lets switch gears, how has the journey been as a independent artist?

FBR: The journey as an indepedent artist has been a great one. Travelled to alot of different places, met alot of people and have learned some things that i would have never learned if i never started my career as an independent artist and create the brand n0mads. The struggles that i have faced as an artist so far is getting more people to tune in to what we got going on as the “n0mads” brand. A Lot of people outside of music have this expectation for things to move fast but this business really is a slow grind. You have to do things correctly because if you rush and do it incorrectly it will be hard to fix.

S:. Any jewels or gems you would give to the artists reading this that are walking a similar path?

FBR: Make sure to have an infastructure in place before you drop music. Have a marketing plan, make sure to register your music with ASCAP or BMI and make sure your set up with Song Trust and Sound Exchange. Also start learning to network yourself as a business so you are able to outsource certian services that you may not have acsess to. Develop a skill outside of just making music so that you are able to provide value to those you network with. Always keep learning about the business side of music this a game you have to always be learning.

S: I like that, solid advice from a knowledgeable young king. So what does FlyBoiRell have coming for us in 2023? Why should those who haven’t already give you a listen?

FBR: My album Okami is coming in 2023. Okami has been a culmination of all the things that i have went through since the start of n0mads up until living in Brooklyn. Those people who have not listened should give me a listen becasue my story is authentic. Whenver I make music i never try and do or say anything that i am not.

S: Fasho, we will definitely be waiting for that and when it does drop we gotta review waiting for you. We about to wind down the interview so I got one more question, this is the most important question of the interview and will tell us all we need to know about you, you ready?

FBR: Yea bro whats up ?

S: Ok, here’s the question: WAFFLES OR PANCAKES AND WHY?

FBR: Waffles. Waffle house always hit

S: thank you Brother for joining me and sitting down with HIPHOPSINCE1987 for this dope interview.


Preciate you my guy stay safe out here. Much love to Hiphop since1987 and SUGE for the opportunity.



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