The Hype Magazine Launches ‘Hype First’ Radio Show on Dash Radio, Powered by SmashHaus!

October 7, 2023 0

Radio-Show-500x500 The Hype Magazine Launches 'Hype First' Radio Show on Dash Radio, Powered by SmashHaus!

Get ready to embark on a thrilling musical journey The Hype Magazine announces its new weekly show on Dash Radio, Hype First, powered by SmashHaus and hosted weekly by dynamic entertainment aficionado Dr. Jerry Doby and Dr. Jameelah Just Jay” Wilkerson, Founder and CEO of Hype. When the boss shows up in person…its gonna be epic! As we continue our revered tradition of The Hype Magazine spotting rising stars and influential personalities, Hype First” is here to catch those talented artists and industry trendsetters as they bubble to the surface of the music scene.

New episodes of Hype First air on THURSDAYS @ Noon Pacific with reruns at 6 pm (Thursday) PT & 2 am PT (Fri) via the Dash Radio app (iOS/Android) or stream online at

admin-ajax.php_-500x250 The Hype Magazine Launches 'Hype First' Radio Show on Dash Radio, Powered by SmashHaus!

Buckle up for an exciting one-hour program every week, dedicated to bringing you the freshest and most innovative voices in the music industry. Hype First” is all about celebrating independent artists and giving them the platform they truly deserve. Each episode will showcase at least two rising stars, granting you exclusive access to their captivating sounds and inspiring stories. Whether youre into soulful melodies, banging beats, or thought-provoking lyrics, weve got you covered!

Independent artists may submit music to the show via

But thats not all

Hype First” goes beyond the music itself. We sit down with some of the industrys movers and shakers, capturing exclusive interview clips that provide insights into the music business and offer invaluable advice for aspiring artists. From producers and managers to A&R executives, get ready to learn from the very best.

At Hype First,” we believe that music is more than just an art form; its an experience, a lifestyle, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun! Expect entertaining segments that will keep you eagerly tuning in week after week.

New Discoveries

So, whether youre a dedicated music enthusiast or simply looking to explore the next big thing, Hype First” is your ultimate destination for discovering emerging talents and diving deep into the heart of the music industry. Join us as we celebrate the power of music and bring you the artists who will soon be taking the world by storm.

Get ready for the ride and tune in to Hype First” on Dash Radio powered by SmashHaus, and let Drs. Jerry Doby and Jameelah Just Jay” Wilkerson be your guides through this electrifying journey of musical evolution, innovation, and unbridled excitement. Were coming with the future of music, one undeniable song at a time!

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