TOURE Drops “Life Of The Party” EP

October 13, 2023 0

toure-life-of-the-party-500x263 TOURE Drops "Life Of The Party" EP

Claiming his spot as a formidable HipHop talent, TOURE has been relentless with consistently releasing new music. Now the West Philadelphia rapper drops Life Of The Party, his third project in 11 months available via DOPE Records. It’s anchored by the focus single “Lifestyle Vicious” featuring Grammy award-winning artist Vory

Life Of The Party is an engrossing project that evokes reflection and hard-earned celebration. Checking in at 12 tracks, it is an exhibition for agile rhymes, searing belief and songwriting versatility. TOURE opens with “Lost It All Before, as he stitches block memories into an emotive soundscape for a map of where he’s been and where he’s going. Skittering across the frenetic percussion and pensive guitar of “My Raff,” he delivers a rumination on success and the isolation that usually comes with it. Then on the focus song “Lifestyle Vicious” featuring Vory, his vocal tone does gymnastics as he contrasts the experiences of his ruthless past to his rich present and the intersectionality between it all. Other features on the project include KieYP SlumpboyYung Bleu, and Zoey Dollaz.

About the release, TOURE reflected, “With this project I’m giving you turn-up energy from all the fun I’m having. Instead of using my pain to make a record, I’m using the joy.” He continued to share, “I’m done competing with the artists from my city, I’m trying to compete with the world.” 

Leading up to this project, TOURE took a captivating leap by collaborating with another melodious artist for the very first time on “Room 303” featuring Yung Bleu which was released to much success. Upon arrival, it permeated playlists across all streaming platforms including Most Necessary on Spotify, New In Hip Hop on Apple Music, Brand New Music on Amazon, Trendsetters Hip Hop on Pandora, and New East Coast on Tidal, amongst many more.

This project marks his third project in 11 months, pushing him to the forefront of the conversation on emerging artists to watch. In a recent interview with Talk Of The Town he shared his insights, “Independent artists, without a fanbase – I want to buy into you, you got to sell yourself. I remember the beginning of Future dropping project after project after project. That shit builds your character. Then you end up with 12 singles that you could go perform that people actually know when you put out a lot of music. When you put out one single, you go on stage, do that one song, and nobody knows the rest of your set.”

Proving himself as a leading force in Philadelphia’s rap culture, he performed for 1.5 hours boasting an impressive catalog and undeniable mainstream appeal. 

Before this impressive journey, TOURE had already released a series of compelling bodies of work, including Hood Poetry (2022), Only 4 The Trenches (2021), and World Toure (2018).  Stay tuned to TOUREremarkable growth as an artist as his presence continues to expand, solidifying his status as a formidable talent to watch. 

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