Alabama artist OVG Money releases his latest single ‘Prime Time’

December 10, 2023 0

IMG_1238 Alabama artist OVG Money releases his latest single 'Prime Time'
In the heart of Enterprise, Alabama, emerges a rising hip-hop artist, OVG Money, whose latest single, “Prime Time,” is making waves in the music industry. Released on November 25th, 2023, and distributed by Zaytoven Label “Zaytown Global,” the track boasts production credits from Billboard-charting producer “Mellow” and Chaos, while Grammy-winning engineer Fletcher Vaughn ensures its sonic excellence.

“Prime Time” transcends conventional rap narratives, as OVG Money reveals his motivation behind the lyrics. Positioned as the underdog, he draws parallels to sports icon Deion Sanders, emphasizing the struggle of finding allies in the pursuit of success. The stand out line, “I’m going Prime Time, I AIN’T HARD 2 FIND,” serves as a powerful declaration to labels, promoters, and the industry at large – a statement of unwavering self-belief.

What sets this track apart is OVG Money’s raw authenticity. Addressing the pain of losing his son, he weaves personal tragedy into the fabric of his art. The song not only becomes a platform for artistic expression but also a window into the artist’s soul. The collaboration with Zaytoven Label adds another layer of significance, showcasing OVG Money’s ascent in the industry.

As the narrative unfolds, the artist’s favorite line, “Put Me In Coach I Ain’t Gone Fumble The Ball,” reflecting a determination to seize opportunities and deliver under pressure. Beyond “Prime Time,” OVG Money’s journey extends with a promising follow-up single featuring R&B sensation T-RELL. Earlier this year he had an invitation to the 2023 BET Hip-Hop Awards, so it’s safe to say he’s working! We conclude by highlighting his achievement of a Single Distribution Deal with Zaytoven Label “Zaytown Global,” solidifying OVG Money’s presence among the industry’s elite.

IMG_7860 Alabama artist OVG Money releases his latest single 'Prime Time'

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