Greg Tre Sets The Summer Off With “See It In My Eyes”

September 19, 2023 0
GregTre2 Greg Tre Sets The Summer Off With "See It In My Eyes"
Delivering dynamic drops from the DMV area is none other than rising rhymer Greg Tre. The DC-bred creative makes music that moves the masses and singles that stand out in the saturated state of hip-hop. He does so by being able to merge legendary yet nostalgic old-school sounds with fresh modern day melodies that create a musical experience that is uniquely his own.
Continuously cultivating his craft, Greg Tre has mastered the musical method of weaving wisdom and wit within his wordplay.In addition to implementing them into compelling rhymes is the mark of a skilled rapper, but the ability to effortlessly ease those rhymes into stunning stories that hold and maintain the listener’s attention to the end of the song is the mark of a legend leading his legacy. As hip-hop has grown as an art form, emerging emcees like Greg Tre have elevated the craft with their slick storytelling skills. What had begun as euphoric toasting over party music has transformed into tracks and something more akin to the gifted griots of Hip-Hop history.
His hot new hit, ranges from cautionary tales of lost souls on the way to destruction to documenting artistic autobiographical yarns while working out his personal problems through this relatable record. “See It In My Eyes” showcases colorful commentary containing razor-sharp observations about what’s going on around him. The trendy track is one in which his adventurous spirit catches up with him and his weaknesses become strengths.

As a multifaceted musician and entrepreneur, Greg Tre launched a media company, TOS Media Group, to help cultivate the culture and highlight hitmakers of all kinds in all parts of their musical journey. It was formed out of inclusion and the notion that collectively we all have our individual challenges and obstacles that we are attempting to conquer. He is deeply committed to leveraging his platform to make a positive difference.

Don’t believe me? Press play on the trailblazing talent’s latest release, “See It In My Eyes” to see the greatness for yourself! Lastly, let us know what you think here at HipHopSince1987.



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