Weekly Spotlight: Layna Lae & Her Artistry

April 5, 2023 0

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Layna Lae is a talented up-and-coming artist who is making waves in the music industry with her unique elements of Urban Pop. Born of Haitian and Irish descent on June 27th, Layna is currently based in the Washington, DC area.

Layna’s music is all about therapy and providing an outlet for her listeners to relate to her personal experiences. She writes about a range of topics, including overcoming fears, taking loved ones for granted, and more. Her genre has evolved over time, from Hip-Hop and R&B to Urban Pop, and her lyrics focus on spreading peace, love, and positivity.

What sets Layna Lae’s music apart is her unique perspective. She writes about topics that aren’t often addressed in the music industry, such as her love for the Hemi engine and her experiences with lesbian relationships. Layna’s goal is to use her platform to inspire and connect with her listeners.

Layna’s music journey started when she commercially released her debut single “Ride Out” in January 2019. Since then, she has continued to perfect her craft and connect with industry professionals. Her favorite song to date is “Throw It All Away,” which she feels truly showcases her versatility and lyricism.

Looking towards the future, Layna Lae sees herself collaborating with other artists and becoming known as the “go-to artist” for catchy hooks. Her advice to young musicians is to network and build relationships with their supporters, as it’s often those few supporters who can make all the difference.

Layna Lae’s dream collaboration is with Drake, as she feels a strong connection to his music and finds herself sounding similar to him when she raps along to his tracks. Her recording process involves practicing at home before hitting the studio, and her ideal vibe is a relaxed, creative one.

Layna Lae’s latest single, “Throw It All Away,” is available now on all major streaming platforms and you can check out the official lyric video on her LaynaLaeVEVO: https://youtu.be/tqIKRXKQdOE. Feel free to connect with Layna Lae on Instagram @thereallaynalae.

Overall, Layna Lae is a promising artist to watch as she continues to grow and make her mark on the music industry with her unique perspective and catchy beats. Her music is a reflection of who she is as an artist, and she is sure to make a lasting impact on the industry.

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