Why you need to work with Jake shaw & his yourownmusic firm

May 22, 2023 0

A62F076D-B8C8-4BFF-B7C7-5ECB76909D53-500x500 Why you need to work with Jake shaw & his yourownmusic firm

Given the enormous amount of new music released each day, it’s very possible that your target audience is unaware of your existence. Reaching your target audience may be made more difficult by the vast array of options, like streaming services. But not if you have the proper assistance from a reputable company like YourOwnMusic, a website for music promotion that Jake Shaw established in 2018. YourOwnMusic, a company based in the north of England, wants to help independent musicians by increasing their global audience.

Why Hire a Music Promotion Company?

More than 40 million songs have been posted to Spotify, covering almost all musical genres. Another estimate from Hypebot.com states that over 1 million songs are released every six weeks, or over 24,000 tracks every day. Therefore, even if your music has the finest acoustics and lyrics, it could have a tougher time sticking out. If you want your music to be heard, you must put in the time and effort necessary for effective marketing. It goes without saying that in the current market, music marketing and music production work hand in hand.

Running Music Promotions

According to the professionals at YourOwnMusic, promoting music is a time-consuming process that takes a lot of work before results can be seen. As a result, it is advised that you begin preparing far in advance of the release of your song. A good post-release strategy should be in place, and you should preferably begin your music marketing campaign at least one month before the day of your release. In order to get their music aired on all of the most popular playlists on Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify, musicians may use the service YourOwnMusic. YourOwnMusic has more than a million YouTube subscribers, and Forbes magazine covered the company in 2021.

A good Starting Point

YourOwnMusic assists musicians in getting their music known and discovered by new audiences across the world using secure and organic ways of music marketing. Jake, the creator, said that you should get started by figuring out who and where your followers are. basic information about them, such as their age, gender, and geographical location. By doing this, you may identify your target market and develop a marketing plan that will work for them. You can find a wide variety of websites and services that offer you detailed analytics about your listeners.

A Solid Online Presence

In 2021, YourOwnMusic attracted 100,000 Twitter followers and a million YouTube subscribers. The company has worked with artists including Young Thug, Skepta, Santan Dave, and DJ Skrillex. Increase your social media presence and interact with fans as much as you can, according to their motto, to make sure that people regularly hear about your work or music and that you remain relevant. Pay for advertisements on various social media platforms. Prepare engaging non-musical content and good visuals to share with your listeners. Your audience will be interested in new content, which will make marketing simpler for you. You can begin by introducing yourself and telling your audience why music is significant to you. For your audience, develop a tale and produce visual storytelling. Currently, YourOwnMusic has 350k Facebook fans, 115k Twitter followers, 130k Instagram followers, 550k TikTok followers, and 1.2m YouTube subscribers.

What Does YourOwnMusic Do?

A few of the services offered by the firm are:

Developing Campaigns

The marketing manager describes the marketing plan for the artist’s upcoming tour or new album. They collaborate closely with the artist to create the campaign’s message and with the label’s artists and repertoire (A&R) department to plan promotional (“promo”) activities to connect with current and potential fans.

Securing Partnerships and Media Opportunities

Music marketers form alliances with other professionals in the industry, including DJs, curators, tastemakers, and press connections at media publications. To arrange interviews for their artists with radio shows, print publications, bloggers, podcasts, and music streaming services, they work with the record label’s press department. Additionally, they help create electronic press kits (EPKs) on the musicians for journalists and interviewers.

Tracking Analytics

Music marketers monitor analytics to judge the success of email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and other strategies for connecting with music fans, whether they operate independently or as a part of a record label’s marketing division. Plans for music marketing frequently include a variety of audience-reaching strategies. Examples of marketing and promotion strategies for music include:

Ad campaigns

To create advertisements to promote an artist’s music, music marketers collaborate with advertising agencies (or the internal advertising and art departments of a record label). These could include billboards, social media advertisements, radio spots, or magazine print ads.

Live gigs and radio promotion

Record sales are seen by promotional tour dates and live events, or “gigs”. With the aid of this type of music promotion, you can publicize your tour dates and use the occasions to sell your goods (or “merch”), such as T-shirts, stickers, and posters.

Online promotion

The music marketing team at YourOwnMusic oversees an artist’s online presence, making sure that the artist’s fresh music is accessible via online music streaming services and that fresh music videos are posted on the official artist page and the website of the record label. To make sure they have the artist’s most recent music as well as their back catalog of recordings, music marketers collaborate with music streaming services, radio stations, and playlist curators.

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