From SoundCloud to Stardom: How Bentley Records is Discovering the Next Big Thing

April 11, 2023 0

Bentley Records has become known for its ability to discover talented artists before they hit the mainstream. One of the ways that the label finds new talent is by scouring online platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube for promising artists who are not yet signed to a record label.

Once Bentley Records identifies an artist with potential, the label works with them to help develop their skills and build their brand. This can involve everything from providing production services and marketing support to connecting the artist with other artists and industry professionals who can help them grow.

One example of an artist who has found success with Bentley Records is rapper Ayoo KD. Ayoo KD, who was discovered by the label on SoundCloud, has since released several successful singles and collaborated with other Bentley Records artists. His success is just one example of how the label is helping to discover and cultivate the next generation of musical talent.

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