I-BORN: Balancing Religion, Faith & Music Seamlessly

February 26, 2024 0

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In conjunction with his new free “I RYHME DIFFERENT,” now available on YouTube, I-BORN sat down with us for an exclusive interview which you can check out below along with his new music.

Q: Can you give a detailed explanation for your upcoming music?
I-BORN: “In my humble opinion this is the best body of work I’ve done thus far. Not to mention it is an honor to have the production done the legendary Heatmakerz. He taylormadethese beats for me. This project embodies my Islam as a student Lieutenant and an FOI in the Nation of Islam.”

Q: What are some stories that influenced the music?
I-BORN: “The stories of life experiences growing up on the southside of Mount Vernon, stories of incarceration and my evolution in manhood.”

Q: How important is your Muslim faith to you in music and in life?
I-BORN: “It’s very important because I strive to practice what I preach my Islam is on full display for the fans and supporters to see. I strive to represent with the highest manner of conduct and discipline. I want the people to see that I’m giving them a clean glass of water to drink from without condemning the dirty glass.”

Q: If somebody wanted to convert to your religion how would they go about it?
I-BORN: “They would start off with excepting their own and being themselves. Islam existed way before religion it’s the natural way in which we are made. Islam is our true way of life anyway they just have to accept it. Its there for them to come home at any time. They can find their local mosque in the Nation of Islam and accept the teachings during a mosque meeting and they will be guided from there on.”

Q: What are some obstacles you face when balancing music with faith?
I-BORN: “I don’t want to over preach my way of life in the music, I have to balance giving good music to listen and vibe to and give you the message at the same time because there’s no compulsion in Islam.”

Q: How has your 2024 been? What are your goals?
I-BORN: “So far it has been incredible, I thank Allah for allowing me to enter into a new year with new thinking a new mind a new body and a new spirit. My goals are to drop this project “Born Again” which will take the world and the hip hop world by storm. It will be a breath of fresh air to the music world. Also writing my book which should be released by the end of the year Insha’ Allah (God willing) it will be a bestseller because Allah has given me an incredible story to tell. Lastly I have a tv show coming out that will be inspirational and showcase the fitness world of calisthenics.”

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