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Clientwork_Myte-Time-Is-Money-Vol-1-Cover-Art-3 DJ MYTE ENTERS THE SUMMER WITH NEW TAPE "TIME IS MONEY VOL. 1"

DJ Myte enters the second quarter of the year on a new vibe, putting on for Mount Vernon, NY with his latest tape TIME IS MONEY VOL. 1 — which is now available on all digital streaming platforms today. The 7-track collective is creatively sought, coming together from pure support. Created under the guise of showing love, each artist featured on the project are artists who have supported DJ Myte along his journey with his bubbling clothing brand “Time Is Money” — hence the definitive title of the project.

Executively produced by DJ Myte himself, Featuring artists like Aaquil Ali, BigBoy Jones, Mo Dollaz, CNG Ty, Billy100K, and BossDog Wrek, TIME IS MONEY VOL. 1 is definitely worth the listen, and shopping the merch to match your favorite vibe on it is an elite listening experience.

Refreshing, real, and a total vibe, DJ Myte has crafted a definite masterpiece for real music lovers with TIME IS MONEY VOL. 1 and has much more to come throughout the year. From college tours, to new Time Is Money merch, to exclusive concerts and more, the Mount Vernon native is working on being a renowned voice in the music industry. Providing vibe after vibe, be sure to follow DJ Myte and Time Is Money below:

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