Alessia Cara & husband, Celebrity rapper Tyler Antonius Arrested on theft Charges in Ohio 

May 1, 2024 0

download-1 Alessia Cara & husband, Celebrity rapper Tyler Antonius Arrested on theft Charges in Ohio 


The “You” rapper was approached by sheriff’s officer while he was taking out the trash after he was allegedly accused on trespassing on the property that cost $760,000.


Tyler Antonius & Alessia Cara. PHOTO: SUSAN YU/AP/SHUTTERSTOCK


Alessia Cara went public on Instagram for the first time back since August 2023 to talk about her disgust and racism that her husband Tyler Antonius had to endure to the alleged theft charges.


According to the incident report obtained by PEOPLE, Tyler Antonius was accused of stealing a house in the morning on August 2023 where the Toledo sheriff’s department arrested Tyler Antonius and his daughter for allegedly stealing a house. According to Alessia Cara statements he was only Arrested due to suspicion on living in an all white suburban neighborhood.


The 32 year old whose real name is Kosciuszko Tyler-Antonius Chilombo is the younger brother of Grammy Award winning singer Jhené Aiko, was then stopped by the Sheriff’s department and detained him immediately at the scene, Alessia Cara was with him at the time.


Upon having Tyler Antonius detained in the sheriff’s car they went inside the residence and noticed that there was a deed present and a receipt that was signed and notarized by the notary public and the previous home owner, including all parties involved in the home sell. With all of that proof the Toledo  sheriff’s department took him to jail for trespassing because they accused him for having fake documents. The Toledo sheriff’s department proceeded to take all of his possessions out of the house including, 3 cell phones, a Playstation 5, flat screen TV, large air mattress, video games, and $100 was stolen etc… 


Months later Alessia Cara went on Instagram live and stated thar her husband’s public defender by the name Adam Houser and the prosecution both accused him for having fake documents and not being able to afford the house Alessia Cara stated “The public defender that suppose to protect and support him seems to be against him and working diligently to get him convicted, and it seem like Adam Houser is jealous that a black man can afford a nice home” 


Adam Houser the former public defender for Tyler Antonius want him to say that he has a mental disability to avoid jail time and admit to guilt, but Tyler Antonius want to fight the charges and prove his innocence.


Michael Jackson’s former attorney Tom 

Mesereau and John Branca want to file a lawsuit for defamation and slander.


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