AN STACKS: From Track and Field to the Recording Studio

June 18, 2024 0

24387231-38C4-4323-93B6-AB081869C60F-500x406 AN STACKS: From Track and Field to the Recording Studio

AN STACKS, a rising star in the music industry, began his artistic journey not in a studio, but on the track. A promising professional track and field career was abruptly halted by injury, leaving him searching for a new passion. Music became that passion, transforming from a simple hobby to a full-fledged career. “I needed a new hobby to keep me busy and I found a passion and love for music creation. The rest is history!” says AN STACKS.

AN STACKS didn’t just dabble in music; he immersed himself in it. He taught himself the intricacies of recording vocals and producing tracks, eventually joining Recording Connection’s music production program. There, he honed his skills and became a certified Audio Engineer. This dedication has paid off handsomely. Since launching his career in 2018, AN STACKS has independently generated over 2 million streams, a testament to his talent and hard work.

His latest project, the album “Red Roses,” showcases the breadth of his musical ability. Spanning various vibes from R&B-inspired tracks to melodic hip-hop, AN STACKS’ music offers something for every listener. His discography, built up over years, is a rich tapestry of sound that reflects his journey and growth as an artist.

Looking ahead, AN STACKS has ambitious plans that extend beyond his music. He is currently working on opening a professional mobile recording studio, a venture that underscores his commitment to high-quality music production. His vision for the future is clear: “My future goals for my career is to inspire my fans and listeners with my music, as well as give the world the high quality vibes it needs!”

In terms of musical influences, AN STACKS draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of hip-hop, appreciating both love songs and energetic bangers. However, he prides himself on having a unique style. “I truly believe my style is my own,” he states. His admiration lies with artists who have made a career out of their passion, influencing fans and listeners with meaningful music.

AN STACKS’ story is one of resilience and reinvention. From the heartbreak of a sports career cut short to the triumph of millions of streams, his journey is an inspiring example of finding new paths and passions. With his new album and plans for a mobile studio, AN STACKS is poised to make an even bigger impact on the music world.

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