Artimes Prime Drops New Album “Beer & Cookies”

February 13, 2024 0

IMG_2951-496x500 Artimes Prime Drops New Album “Beer & Cookies”

Philly-based emcee Artimes Prime has a sound with DNA that can be traced from Logic and J Cole, to Immortal Technique and Mike Shinoda. Throughout his career, Prime has fused disparate sounds to perfection, while using his inventive flows to tell personal stories of self-discovery and its importance to the social fabric of the world around him. On Beer & Cookies, Prime’s third full-length album, the emcee pushes his limits by fusing Pop and classic Hip-Hop. The album’s title reflects the audacious fusion of these two genres, an almost oxymoronic pairing held together by producer Digital Crates over the course of the album’s twelve tracks. Released today (2/9/2024) on all major digital streaming platforms, Beer & Cookies showcases Prime’s ambitious ear and knack for songwriting, with the use of melodies, social/political commentary, and carefree, celebratory raps.

“‘Beer And Cookies’ is an example of two things that don’t typically go together. The inspiration behind this project was simply a desire to challenge myself and make music unlike the kind I’ve made in the past. Usually, my music is ‘politically conscious’, and while this project still has some introspection and social commentary, there is also a whole other part that leans into Pop-Rap and party vibes.” – Artimes Prime

Now, with over 125k streams amassed across seven recorded projects in just seven years, Artimes Prime’s prolific output of music has struck a chord with fans worldwide. His discography is an adventure across the same diverse art he grew up listening to. It’s not just your stereotypical raw raps over gritty, Boom-Bap production (though he’s perfected this, too). Prime’s music fuses disparate sounds to perfection, while giving the listener something to ponder. The duality of life and the world around him are consistent themes in his music. With his unique blend of lyricism, inventive flows, and captivating storytelling, Prime is a Hip-Hop trailblazer whose story is still being written.

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