Does Baby Slvett have plans for college as a rap artist?

June 12, 2024 0

WhatsApp-Image-2024-06-13-at-4.41.36-PM-297x500 Does Baby Slvett have plans for college as a rap artist?

Baby Slvett will most likely have plans to attend college at age 23. She has never been to college before and has always wanted to be a college student. After high school, she is supposed to have wanted to attend several community colleges but never really had the chance. While reading about her, it says that she attended an online makeup school and had dreams of becoming a celebrity makeup artist, but there is nothing about her college experiences. She said that she has always wanted to experience a college bombing and several college parties but still hasn’t gotten the chance. Everyone should know by now that Baby Slvett had dreams of becoming a college cheerleader. She supposedly wanted to become a cheerleader for football teams in college because she loves to tumble and wanted a jock as a boyfriend so she could gain college popularity. It would have been cool to date a jock in school and have a man who was drafted, says Slvett.

If Baby Slvett was really going to start college at age 23 in 2024, what colleges do you guys think she would consider applying to? Maybe she will attend a fashion or music school for her college education. What major do you guys think baby Slvett will choose to major in? Slvett will probably study something that will make her more confident and less anxious. Female rap artist Baby Slvett in college in 2024 would be so cool.

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