Is AJDaGuru A Remix King? Listen To His Remix Of Bigsean’s “Precision”

April 19, 2024 0

AJDaGuru-2-500x500 Is AJDaGuru A Remix King? Listen To His Remix Of Bigsean's "Precision"

Rapper AJDaGuru has been on fire ever since launching his Guru Wednesdays series last month. With about five releases under his belt so far, he’s been captivating audiences with his unique take on popular tracks that have been gaining traction online. Among his impressive lineup are remixes of hits like “Never Lose Me” by Flo Milli, 21 Savage’s “Redrum”, Gunna’s “Prada Dem” featuring Offset, Kanye West, and Ty Dolla $ign’s “Carnival” featuring Rich The Kid & Playboicarti, and most recently, Big Sean’s latest track “Precision.”

What sets AJDaGuru apart is not just his ability to remix these songs, but the way he effortlessly flows over the beats, leaving fans craving more with each release. True to his word, AJ has been consistent in delivering these weekly tracks, satisfying the demands of his dedicated fanbase. The response to his remixes has been nothing short of explosive, igniting the internet and solidifying AJ’s decision to launch the Guru Wednesdays series.

One notable moment came during the third week of the series when AJ remixed Gunna’s “Prada Dem” featuring Offset. A fan expressed the sentiment that AJ should have been featured in the original version, highlighting the quality of his work. Others showered AJ with praise, using fire emojis to convey their appreciation for his well-crafted remixes.

AJDaGuru.png-310x500 Is AJDaGuru A Remix King? Listen To His Remix Of Bigsean's "Precision"

Beyond just being catchy tunes, AJ’s remixes have become a phenomenon in their own right, generating buzz and keeping listeners anticipating each new release. His ability to put his spin on popular tracks while maintaining their essence speaks to his talent and creativity as an artist. With each installment of the Guru Wednesdays series, AJDaGuru continues to solidify his position in the rap scene and leave his mark on the industry.

Looking ahead, fans can expect AJDaGuru to keep the momentum going, delivering more infectious remixes and further establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip-hop. As long as he keeps churning out hits like these, there’s no doubt that AJDaGuru’s star will continue to rise.

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