KUE DOG (Splack Pack): From Platinum Artist to C.E.O.

May 13, 2024 0

WhatsApp-Image-2024-05-13-at-3.49.09-PM-325x500 KUE DOG (Splack Pack): From Platinum Artist to C.E.O.

Kwame Buchanan, famously known as Kue Dog, stands as a founding pillar of the renowned “bass” group, Splack Pack, alongside Uncle Head and the late Kidd Money, originating from West Palm Beach County, Florida. Their debut album, “UHH OHH,” unleashed in 1993 by Pandisc Records, boasted hit singles like “Shake That Ass Bitch” and “Scrub The Ground,” propelling it to certified Platinum status.

Fast-forwarding to 2024, Kue Dog has embarked on a new journey as the CEO of his own label, Hustle Hye Entertainment. The label’s latest release features the single “EARTHQUAKE” by Athens, GA rap artists K Ruck and AD 2x, with Kue Dog himself making an appearance. Originally produced by chart-topping producer Anthony “Sam Peezy” Avery and remixed by multi-platinum producer Mr. Hanky, the single marks a promising start for the label.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-05-13-at-3.49.08-PM-500x465 KUE DOG (Splack Pack): From Platinum Artist to C.E.O.

Next on the agenda is a much-anticipated Hustle Hye compilation, showcasing promising talents like SC King Tay, alongside a new Splack Pack album and forays into the world of film. Kue Dog’s vision for Hustle Hye Entertainment is crystal clear: to deliver high-quality, timeless music while providing aspiring artists with the means to monetize their craft and ascend to greater heights.

For a taste of the latest offering from Hustle Hye Entertainment, follow the link below to experience “EARTHQUAKE” by K Ruck and AD 2x featuring Kue Dog.

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