Lay Bankz Drops the ‘After 7’ Project

May 27, 2024 0

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Lay Bankz combines multiple decades’ worth of R&B and hip-hop trends into her own succinct musical package, infused with the danceable sounds of her hometown of Philadelphia. Putting it all on the line as she culminates a rise from internet sensation to do-everything diva, the 19-year-old rising star shares After 7, her new project. The follow-up to last year’s debut EP, Now You See MeAfter 7 is home to “Tell Ur Girlfriend,” Lay’s latest viral smash, well on its way to becoming the Song of the Summer. Her biggest hit to date, “Tell Ur Girlfriend” has soared to #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 (and multiple weeks at #1 on Billboard’s TikTok Top 50) behind 143 Million on-demand streams and over 5.6 million TikTok creationsAfter 7 is available everywhere via Artist Partner Group, Inc.

Lay Bankz wrote a statement to her fans about the project and the meaning of the number 7 in her life: “After 7 o’clock, after I was 7 years old, and after I was 17. Dear 7, a significant time period in my life where many important events occurred. It seems that whenever I entered a new phase or era, the number 7 would appear, symbolizing change and personal growth. However, it wasn’t just triumphs that were associated with the number 7; I also experienced great losses ‘after 7.’ One such loss was the passing of my aunt on September 17th. Her death deeply impacted me and caused me to lose hope and faith in my dreams and in life itself. Looking back, I believe this was a test and trial that ultimately helped me find my faith. These growing pains were nothing but collateral beauty in all obstacles. This is why my first project, Now You See Me, consisted of 7 songs. Each song represented the good, the bad, and the ugly in my life. 777 also signifies divine timing, and ‘After 7‘ is the time I truly remembered to believe in myself.”

Spanning 15 tracks, After 7 is further proof that the young Philly native has the vocal versatility to create bangers, ballads, and complicated romance in any genre or style. New highlights like “double it,” “Irony,” and “how could you” demonstrate the same sleek retro-futuristic R&B chops as “Tell Ur Girlfriend,” as Lay stuns wit her buttery vocals. “WOULD YOU” is an unlikely, but irresistible combination of East Coast club, NY drill, and ’90s Eurodance, all held together by Lay’s propulsive melodies and palpable emotion. “Booty Pop” recalls the innovative playfulness of Missy Elliott’s collaborations with Ciara. On recent single “Good Look” and the Pharaohe Monch-sampling “Tongue Out Freestyle,” Lay proves that she has the rhyme skills and fierce delivery to stand up to any rising emcee in the game.

After 7 truly shines when Lay embraces her roots, putting her own melodic spin on the uptempo Philadelphia club sound that she has helped define. “2Bad” seamlessly integrates the genre’s signature five-beat pattern and chirping vocal samples into a modern R&B ballad. “Diamondz n Roses” enlists VaporGod for a reflective and romantic banger about trying to find true love on the dancefloor. Meanwhile, “7Days7Nights” is the rare Philly track equally suited to a rambunctious function or a guided meditation.

The new project delivers on the immense potential that Lay displayed on her 2023 debut EP, Now You See Me. Home to viral hits like “ICK!” (over 100 million streams, #1 on TikTok’s Viral chart, more than 1 million creations) and “Na Na Na” (over 50 million global streams). Since the beginning of 2024, Lay has steadily established herself as one of the biggest rising stars in hip-hop and R&B. “Tell Ur Girlfriend” experienced a rapid rise from TikTok sensation to IRL smash, debuting at #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 (it is now in its fourth week on the chart), and peaking in the Top 20 of both the Hot Rap Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. In March, Lay made her first appearance at Rolling Loud, when she shut it down on the main stage during Rolling Loud California 2024. Earlier this year, she was named one of Spotify’s Most Necessary Artists To Watch for 2024, placed on Complex’s list of Rappers To Watch in 2024 and YouTube’s Fifty Deep Music Class of 2024, joined fellow club-influenced artist Skaiwater on choosin u,” and walked the Red Carpet at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

With After 7, Lay Bankz proves that there is nothing that she can’t do. This is only the beginning for Lay…sit back and watch her rise.

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