Rob Twizz & Snacktime TV get the Shane Gillis Co-Sign

June 7, 2024 0

snacktime-500x500 Rob Twizz & Snacktime TV get the Shane Gillis Co-Sign

We heard there was someone making grilled cheese’s at night!? Rob Twizz pairs up with Snacktime TV on the new visuals for “Danny Where The Cheese At.” The record is paying homage to popular comedian Shane Gillis Netflix stand-up special “Beautiful Dogs” in which the song refers to Shane’s uncle Danny who makes unlimited grilled cheese sandwiches. Rob Twizz often known for mixing comedy with hip-hop, brings the bars to the kitchen with this one. He raps “350 on the oven pre-heat that, even if I’m starving I would neva need ya feedback.” The collaboration works perfect with the newly popular youtube duo “Snacktime TV.” Snacktime has recently become viral for their YouTube food reviews around New York- garnishing over 120,000 subscribers and often collaborating with major influencers. Shane Gillis recently re-posted the video on his Instagram story, a rare co-sign in the entertainment industry.

The video takes places in Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, NY at Tony’ & Tinas Burek a notorious Albanian restaurant known for serving Burek. These flaming hot bars have never been seen before though. Hundreds of hanging mic’s have been rapped upon, but this is the first rendition of a hanging bag of chips! Snacktime is breaking the boundaries on this one creatively mixing food into the music industry – helping highlight talent for both local restaurants as well as musicians. The full-length video is out now on Youtube:


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