Sean Kiez Drops New EP “The Journey”

February 22, 2024 0

unnamed-2-25-500x500 Sean Kiez Drops New EP “The Journey”

Sean Kiez dives deep into his past in new EP titled “The Journey” that moves him into the future. After taking a break from his music last year, Sean Kiez is back with a full project to show the world who he really is, and display his versatility as an artist. Titled “The Journey” this EP is made up of the safe keep records that Sean Kiez wants to share. Kiez worked with Raphael RJ2, King Meezy, and T.A. for this project’s production, and Milwaukee veteran artist Coo Coo Cal and Grindhard CT are its only featured artists. “It’s the essence of who Sean Kiez was, is, and becoming” states Kiez when describing his new project. 


The lead single off of this EP is titled “On Ya Bullshyt”. This rap anthem has infectious energy and a catchy hook. With its bold lyrics and flow, the track serves as a testament to Sean Kiez ability to captivate audiences and make hits. 


The video, directed by Cre8tives United with videography by Airborne Entertainment, came together to show Sean and the beautiful model depicting what a toxic, dismissive love can look like. Though it is obvious that they love each other, we see that something always comes up. “Even though this is a toxic record, it’s reflective of the millennial Black love”, states Sean Kiez.

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