Sweet Limb Struts With Their New EP “Mellow Yellow”

May 27, 2024 0

1FDE0CB0-FD12-4E9A-A4D1-4B2809B947BD Sweet Limb Struts With Their New EP “Mellow Yellow”

After hitting the Apple and Billboard charts, Sweet Limb returns from Austin Texas with another luscious slab of organic Hip Hop. Having already released a critically acclaimed album Thank You For Not Snitching, they are following that up by dropping their 4th EP for 2024 titled Mellow Yellow on Sony/Orchard. 

Not since the likes of PM Dawn, A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul has there been a group that makes you happy just to be alive as they deliver a hot mix of laid-back grooves and intricate rhymes. Their authentic and dreamlike flow is a welcome relief to the bombastic commercialism that infests the rap scene these days and Mellow Yellow does not disappoint.

Three tracks that ooze an almost beatnik real world rhythmic dimension, are matched by soothing basslines, smooth keys and the poetic prose of Chris Robinson on the mic. Songs that resonate with their truths and struggles, don’t let the beauty of their music fool you. Their words have power and meaning beyond something to hum along to. Introspective, deep and searching for that inner strength and peace of mind, the EP is a testament to their signature sound and what can be achieved with real world musicians beyond the store-bought sample packs that every other producer uses these days.

Sweet Limb adds that extra pep to your step. That drive to stay alive. That smile on your dial and so much more. If you are looking for that groove that has been missing from your day, exposing your audiences to the Mello Yellow EP is a must. From the top to the bottom, it is pure class. 

Mellow Yellow is available on all major streaming platforms through Sony/Orchard 06/28/2024

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Track Listing

  1. Who You Run Wit?
  2. That Good Smoke
  3. Heart On A Shelf

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