TripppyTha13th: Carving a Texan Legacy in the Hip-Hop Game

April 15, 2024 0
unnamed-5-1 TripppyTha13th: Carving a Texan Legacy in the Hip-Hop Game
TripppyTha13th, a rising star hailing from the heart of Texas, carries the torch of his musical lineage into the modern rap landscape.
From childhood encounters with legends like Lil Wayne to carving out his unique fusion of sounds, Tripppy’s journey is a testament to passion and perseverance. “I’ve been around music my whole life,” Tripppy reflects.
 “My cousin was a rapper, and meeting icons like Lil Flip and Lil Wayne early on left an indelible mark.” Inspired by these experiences, Tripppy embraced rap as more than a dream—it became a calling to escape the confines of a conventional career.
The defining moment came during a Hurricane Chris concert with his mom. “I wanted to be on stage ever since,” Tripppy recalls. This desire fueled his creative evolution, where he melded Chicago Drill’s dark energy with West Coast vibes, crafting a style uniquely his own.
Tripppy’s moniker—TripppyTha13th—carries personal significance. “I got the name Tripppy from the homies,” he shares. “The ’13’ is my spirit number, reflecting my spiritual journey.”
 Self-taught and driven by instinct, Tripppy’s influences—Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, Future—shaped his artistry profoundly. “Wayne is the greatest ever,” Tripppy professes. “Chief Keef changed how I listened to music.”
 His lyrics embody raw authenticity. “I rap through the perspective of someone with nothing to lose,” Tripppy explains.
“My music’s hungry—I aim to show you can be a savage and keep it player at the same time.” Tripppy’s creative process is fluid. “I hear a beat, and the lil voice in my head just goes off,” he shares. This unfiltered approach yields tracks that resonate with raw energy and emotion.
 Tripppy’s journey wasn’t without sacrifice. “I’ve slept in cars, lost relationships behind this music,” he admits. “But I always had a feeling it would pay off—and now, 150+ shows later, here I am.” In a constantly evolving rap scene, Tripppy stays grounded by staying true to himself.
“I got that swag that money can’t buy,” he asserts. “Most rappers can’t touch me.” With eyes set on the future, Tripppy’s aspirations are clear. “I’ve been popping in Houston,” he says confidently. “I’m tryna sign a deal—right paperwork, big house for my moms, chilling in the Bahamas.”
 Navigating industry trends while staying authentic is a delicate balance. “You gotta stay true to yourself,” Tripppy affirms. “Amid distractions and fake smiles, trust that everything meant to happen will fall into place.” Born in Beaumont, Texas, and raised across California, TripppyTha13th embodies the Texan spirit with a West Coast edge.
His music, available on all platforms, promises a journey through the soul of a rising Texan legend. Follow TripppyTha13th’s ascent and witness the next chapter in Texas’s storied legacy within the rap game.

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