Truth Drops “Nostalgia ThEraPy” Produced Entirely by Da Beatminerz

January 17, 2024 0

unnamed-1-4-500x500 Truth Drops "Nostalgia ThEraPy" Produced Entirely by Da Beatminerz

Queens emcee Truth returns for his second collaboration with legendary production duo Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt. & DJ Evil Dee), Nostalgia ThEraPy, that stays true to its name while pushing the genre forward. It’s like a warm dish of hip-hop comfort food that just so happens to incorporate some new herbs and spices courtesy of the chefs involved. And it’s all by design.

“I feel like lyrically I’m still evolving even after all of these years,” Truth says. “I want to try to keep stepping out of my comfort zone while staying true to my sound with each project I make.” It’s the type of boom-bap hip-hop that resonates with the true heads he adds, but with his own twist on it. The end result is an authentic and creative take on a sound that Truth feels indebted to.

It’s for that reason that he reached out to NYC rap royalty like Royal Flush, who guests on the rap-funk banger “Queens Carnivores,” as well as Al Skratch and Kurious for “Spit It.” And as you’ll hear throughout the project, Truth holds his own alongside these veterans, all while continuing to push himself as an artist. He’s especially proud of his work on two other standout cuts—“Here & Now” and “Won By One’s Will”—both for his lyrics and his writing on the hooks. “Won By One’s Will” is a particularly dope blend of Truth’s passion and the sample injected into the chorus by Mr. Walt.

It’s those moments that make Nostalgia ThEraPy such an engaging listen for hip-hop heads both young and old. Truth and Da Beatminerz have once again created something truly special here, which we can all discover now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, via Animal Military Records.

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