Stephen Curry Taps Philly’s Own DJ Crazy and TJ Atoms For Newest Curry Brand Campaign

February 13, 2024 0

IMG_9431 Stephen Curry Taps Philly's Own DJ Crazy and TJ Atoms For Newest Curry Brand Campaign

Music and sports have always been synonymous with each other, but specifically rap music has been the soundtrack for basketball players around the world. One of the greatest basketball players of all time, Stephen Curry has made his mark on the court and in history as one of the most influential players to ever touch a ball.  Last March, Curry broke the internet and shook the sports world with the announcement that he signed a long-term extension deal with Under Armor, which many are saying could be the most lucrative endorsement partnership deal in sports ever. The deal also elevated Curry to president of his own sub-brand within Under Armour, Curry Brand.

As 2024 begins, Stephen and Curry Brand have been gearing up to release their new brand campaign spot “Do Your Thing/Shimmy” based around Stephen’s signature celebratory “Shimmy” and the infectious joy he shows when playing the game he loves. When hip-hop enthusiasts hear the word “shimmy”, they instantly think of one of the most iconic figures in rap history, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and his classic record “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. Ol Dirty Bastard tragically passed away in 2004 at the age of 35 but his legacy lives on through his music and in the Hulu hit series “Wu-Tang Clan an American Saga”. ODB’s character in the series is played by Philly native TJ Atoms. TJ Atoms is an actor on the rise but also a talented musician, getting ready to take over 2024 and put Philly on his back.

The Philadelphia rap scene has been on fire and trendsetting for the last 2 years with the emergence of the new dance sound that’s coming out of the city. One of the pioneers of the new movement and sound is Philly producer, DJ, and artist, DJ Crazy. The self-proclaimed “Dancing, Producing, DJ”, DJ Crazy took the internet and streets by storm when he released his viral hit song “Shake Dhat”. The high energy club driven single quickly became a worldwide hit, and birthed the now famous dance that Lil Uzi Vert adopted and blew up through his song “I Just Wanna Rock”.

By now, you’re asking yourself “What does Steph Curry and Curry Brand have to do with Dj Crazy and TJ Atoms?” Once again, the world of sports and music have found a way to make a perfect marriage. Nana Dadzie, the Director of Global Brand Marketing at Curry Brand, and the creative team had a vision for the campaign spot and thought they had their favorite music choice for the spot locked it. Little did Nana know that while on family vacation with his cousin Rick Dange (Dj Crazy’s manager), he would stumble into a multiverse of coincidental connections.

During the trip Nana mentioned that he was working on clearing the original version of “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, having no knowledge of Rick’s connection to DJ Crazy or the song. Rick’s fiancée suggested that he play Nana a song that Crazy made with TJ Atoms called “Shimmy”. Instantly Nana knew that he had found the perfect song for his campaign and that he needed to let his creative team and Steph hear it as soon as possible. He did just that and the rest is history.

Bringing it all full circle. Stephen Curry and Curry Brand proudly present “Do Your Thing/Shimmy” their latest brand spot featuring music from Dj Crazy & TJ Atoms, with appearances from NBA star De’Aaron Fox, WNBA star Kelsey Plum, popular social media influencer Famous Los, and Baltimore based grassroots hoops team “Team Thrill”.

Get ya shimmy on.

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