SongTools launches One Click Ad Tool for Artists

April 5, 2024 0

songtools-copy-1024x274-1-500x134 SongTools launches One Click Ad Tool for Artists

Following the news of thier $3M funding round, on Tuesday it was announced that SongTools has launched SongFly, a one-click advertising tool for artists. SongFly was designed to help artists grow their fanbase on streaming platforms in the most effective and simple way possible, allowing artists to place their full energy into their craft.

SongTools flagship offering, Playlister.Club, is the leading music discovery platform for independent playlisters. To date, they have placed over 60 thousand artists and 1.4 million+ tracks into playlists all over the world. Following the success of Playlister.Club, SongTools knew it was time to take the next step in expanding their services for indie artists.

Now, in less than 1 year, they have run fan-building ad campaigns for close to 3,000 different artists, and delivered +500K new fans to artists across all genres. SongTools is excited to open the doors of SongFly to any artist or label eager to engage with new fans.

SongFly is an easy-to-use solution that empowers artists to launch ad campaigns complete with beautiful visuals for their tracks in just one click–simply choosing the social media platform where they want the promotions to appear. SongFly takes care of the rest, stitching in the artist’s cover art and music and executing and optimizing the entire ad campaign. SongTools is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, allowing artists to place their energy into their craft.

Before expanding its music promotion tools, SongTools revolutionized the process of pitching tracks to playlists. Rather than sifting through thousands of pitches via email, Playlister.Club algorithmically connects curators with tracks from up-and-coming artists that match their playlists and music tastes.Through their unique approach, they have fueled over 60 thousand artists placing over 1.4 million tracks on the biggest playlists in the world–introducing their music to global audiences. 

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