BlacTape Papah drops a new single ‘Perc Sex’ feat. Alexis Angel from the Heart of Knoxville, TN

January 9, 2024 0

BlacTapePapah BlacTape Papah drops a new single ‘Perc Sex’ feat. Alexis Angel from the Heart of Knoxville, TN

BlacTape Papah, hailing from Knoxville, TN, delivers a magnetic hit with his latest single, ‘Perc Sex’ feat. Alexis Angel, produced by the talented Mac Tuk. Released on September 30, 2023, under the label Blac Tape Cartel, LLC, this track captures the essence of a spontaneous encounter with someone special, bringing a blend of raw reality and genuine emotion to the forefront.

BlacTape Papah shared the motivation behind the song, stating, “I ran into a female I used to rock with, who I had a super feeling about, and it went from there. We linked up and had a great time together, and I came up with the song right then!” The authenticity of the lyrics stems from a real-life experience, making “Perc Sex” a compelling narrative of a moment frozen in time.

What makes this track truly special to BlacTape Papah? “Because it’s all facts! This was a real moment in time!” he asserts. The honesty and relatability embedded in the lyrics resonate with listeners, creating a connection beyond the beats and melodies. With a standout line like “They shawty swallow n gobble and gobble, contemplating ’bout leaving my wife and my daughter (step),” the song not only captivates with its catchy rhythm but also tells a vivid story that unfolds with each verse.

BlacTape Papah leaves us with a promise: “All my shit raw and real, no cap, so tap in!!” As fans eagerly anticipate more from this Knoxville artist, the electrifying energy of “Perc Sex feat. Alexis Angel” solidifies BlacTape Papah’s presence in the music scene, offering a glimpse into his authentic and unfiltered storytelling. Stay tuned for future releases and immerse yourself in the genuine artistry of BlacTape Papah.

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