Fat Joe Wants 50 Cent To Apologize

March 14, 2008 0

Simple and plain, when Fat Joe came by the studio earlier this week, I asked him what would have to occur for him and 50 Cent to kiss and make up. He said:

“He needs to stop disrespecting me. That’s been my position all along. He feels like he can just disrespect anybody he wants to at any given time and there won’t be no retaliation and there won’t be nobody answering up for themselves. That’s not what Fat Joe’s about. Fat Joe’s a stand up guy. He’s a guy you’ve got to respect. All he gotta do is reach out and say, ‘I respect you, and I’m sorry for ever disrespecting you.’ And it’ll be that. Otherwise, he disrespects me, I disrespect him. Very simple, very clear.”

So 50, what’s it gonna be…. you ready to apologize?

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