Tiffany Evans- Im Grown ft Bow Wow

March 17, 2008 0

Watch out yall, this will be the new kids anthem. The lyrics alone kills me. I was watching 106 N Park for the first time in a while and Tiffany Evans who is like 15 or something said she is grown because she has a cell phone and credit card bill. Wow, I just hope our youth of today dont get the image that paying a cell phone bill makes you grown.

Is it me or is Bow Wow swagga jackin everyone flow? I mean he acts like TI and spits like Weezy at times. He is confused on who he wants to be. I mean shot out to the homie for making bread off of baby lyrics like:

1st Verse
Yes yelling to the lite beat and
It’s b-dub and tiffany and
We are in the place to be and
We came in to move your feet and
Get things jumping like there supposed to
Teen magazines were jumping right out the posters
Can’t believe what you saying in lip gloss
I know you can’t believe she getting older

2nd Verse
Aye tiff yo big brotha got you, its happing
You push one hand to the cloud then back to the wind
Bow and tiff evans is back at it again
Yea ma you grown go on and let you rims spin yea
You got ya lil premiers
These 50 lil days go head and let you paint drip (drip)
Tell your parents don’t trip
And when ya girls go on ya lil trips
Its your world lil mama its your life to live

I just dont see how people get signed off this amount of talent. Lol Where is my deal at? I would like to bash soulja boy but I cant hate on someone who made crank that from his sidekick 3 and promoted himself through his myspace page. And got a deal then made grown men do his dance and sold over a million ringtones. Or even the fact that every kid knows his dance in America and he has a million followers making different versions of his song. And his new song “Yaah Trick Yaah” is wack but has me saying the hook to people throughout the day as a joke.

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