R. Kelly's Sex Tape Airs In Court

May 22, 2008 0

According to Reuters, both jurors and spectators assembled in to a darkened courtroom to view 26 minutes of footage, which allegedly places the singer with an under aged female performing various sexual acts including oral sex. Expressing her discontent and determination to paint R. Kelly in a negative light, Shauna Boliker of the Cook County’s state’s attorney office summed up the video before viewing.

“The case will unfold before you frame by disgusting frame—[as the victim is] doing what she’s told. There’s no feeling in her face. It is clear she is an under aged girl,” she said.

Despite Boliker’s confidence in the video being authentic, she claims the girl from the footage, now in her 20s, will not testify admitting she is not on the tape and would not testify against Kelly.

Reuters reports that prosecutors claim the material was made in Chicago between January 1998 and November 2000, with the victim being no more than 13 or 14 years old.

While things may seem more troublesome for the R&B star, Kelly’s defense lawyer Sam Adam does not appear fazed or threatened.

“Robert Kelly is not on that tape,” he said. “There isn’t an original of this tape. The tape you’re going to see here is at best a copy of a copy of a copy of the original,” Adam told the court.

In addition to the possibility of false footage, Adam has also reportedly said the FBI has reviewed the tape and could not fully identify Kelly.

I think its not looking good for R. Kelly. He has a good point if the FBI cant identify Kelly in the tape then how can the jury. But since the jury decide the verdict then they have to unanimously decide that it was Kelly on the tape. It funny how this whole tape thing occurred in 1998-2000 and its 8 years later. Why wasn’t he on trail when the girl was still wearing barrettes in her hair?

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