Cassie Ventura's new hair style

April 10, 2009 0


I would talk to her anyday from her left side. I dont think she planned on this look. She may have lost a bet or

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  • nate

    i want to make passionate animalistic love to that girl. damn.

    • thats funny as shit but I feel you tho. lol

  • Swag

    she did not lose a damn bet. she did that on her own. and i think it looks hot. (no homo) its different and she woke up one morning and felt like shaving the right side of her head. point blank, period. she wrote about it on her twitter and everyone was hassling her about it asking her why she did it. who cares why she did it. its hair and itll grow back. we’ll just wait and see what the next do looks like.

  • Yo this chick is out of her damn mind. First of all god blessed you with a full head of

    beautiful hair while some other women have to put in some weave to look like that.

    You with your foolishness self wake up one day and decide to put a razor to your head.

    All I know is that most black girls would dream of having beautiful hair like yours you idiot.

    So the next best thing would be to shave off the rest of your head because you could seriously rock it. When it grows back it is going to look like shit. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • leigha

    its very different! but no one can tell u what to do with ur style. even if some ppl dont like it…doesnt mean others wont! if she felt like shavin half her hair off then u go girl! dont let others opinions change wat u wanna do! personally i kinda like it but im usually described as “different” but i dont take it offensive…she still looks pretty (no homo) and like the other site i was on said-its slowly becoming a fashion statement, i’ve seen 2 other beautiful women (no homo again) with full hair that have done the same thing! all i can say is Work it!

  • cassie that hair style is awesome